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Executive Director - Elizabeth Bernhard

Elizabeth Bernhard is the Executive Director of the Manufacturing Growth Alliance. With a life-long passion for partnership engagement and service to others, Elizabeth has a wealth of experience in the non-profit and for-profit sectors ranging from higher education to business development and executive coaching. She has a Master of Arts in Communication from Western Michigan University and was honored as an “All-University Scholar” in 2009.

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Chief Financial Officer - Orrin Bailey

Orrin Bailey is the Chief Financial Officer at Kinexus Group. Orrin Bailey joined the Kinexus team as Chief Financial Officer beginning in 2017. Prior to Kinexus, Orrin served as the CEO of the UPWARD Talent Council – the Michigan Works! for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for two years and CEO of The Job Force Board/Six County Employment Alliance for 22 years.


Chief Information Officer - Josh Cosner

Josh Cosner is the Chief Information Officer.  He joined the team in 2010 and focuses on leading the technology, data, and strategy efforts within Kinexus Group. Josh’s primary responsibilities are to reduce the risk for the organization by protecting data, information, and users, as well as to provide access to robust tools, resources, and customer service so that Kinexus Group and its subsidiaries can achieve community impact.


Chief People Officer - Erin Wright

Erin Wright is the Chief People Officer. She joined the team in June 2018 and has focused on our People strategy. Erin spearheads our initiatives to create a fun, engaging environment where employees have the best possible tools, perks, and benefits.


Chief Marketing Officer - Mary Morphey

Mary Morphey is the Chief Marketing Officer. In her seven years at Kinexus Group, she has built and led strategic communications strategies for a family of organizations, startups, and nonprofit organizations. She has a played a pivotal role in establishing, developing and executing communications plans that achieve business goals and objectives through written, visual, digital and earned media.


Director of Risk Management - Gillian Korfmacher

Gillian Korfmacher serves as the Director of Risk Management at Kinexus Group, where she has been driving change in the workforce space for roughly 10 years and is directly responsible for the ensuring compliance among multiple subsidiary organizations.

Board of Directors


Steve Jackson

Board Chair​

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Vail Harding

Vice Chair

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Colleen Killen-Roberts


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Karen Arondoski


Ellington Ellis


Todd Gustafson


Rodney Parkkonen

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