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Aluminum Factory

There are 11,100+ manufacturing firms in Michigan. 86% (9,600) of them have less than 100 employees. We are here to serve them.

Manufacturing Growth Alliance (MGA) is nothing without our members, strategic partners, and manufacturing champions. Without each, we would not have the resources to provide the leadership expertise, peer-to-peer learning, access to capital, technical support, training, talent recruitment, and so much more that make MGA the only option for small to medium-sized manufacturers. Take a look at the options below to determine which makes the most sense for you or your organization so you can be part of making manufacturing in Michigan the most competitive and prosperous in the nation.

Thread Spools

Become a Member or Support MGA



$550 Annual Fee

If you are a small to medium-sized manufacturer experiencing the complications that come with second-stage growth, this is the right option for you. 

Strategic Partnership

$1,250 Annual Fee

If you want to support MGA, gain exposure to manufacturers, and use your expertise to help our members, a strategic partnership could be the right fit.

Manufacturing Champion

Customizable Annual Fee

If a membership or strategic partnership doesn’t make sense, but you believe in the future of Michigan manufacturing and want to be part of making it the most competitive in the nation, we need you as one of our manufacturing champions.

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