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Invest in MGA as a Sponsor or Manufacturing Champion

Become a Manufacturing Champion.

Small to medium sized manufacturers are the lifeblood to Michigan’s economy. As the largest sector in Michigan, making up 19% of the overall economic output, manufacturers take risks, create jobs and make the things that keep Michigan running. Without manufacturers and the next generation of manufacturers, Michigan’s communities would look vastly different. Manufacturing Champions are the few and the proud, unique leaders who want to give back to the industry that has given them so much.


Manufacturing makes up 14% of the state’s workforce, employing over 587,000 people. With your investment, they will receive the tools needed to grow their business and compete with manufacturers across the nation and beyond.


Why become a Manufacturing Champion?

  • There are over 11,100 manufacturing firms in Michigan and 86% of them have 100 employees or less, also known as small to medium sized manufacturers. MGA is the only MI trade association specifically dedicated to helping them grow

  • We are solving the most pressing challenges for our state’s manufacturers by helping them diversify their workforce and providing them with the tools to compete

  • We’re starting at the top, working with CEO’s to be a one-stop resource for the challenges that they don’t have the time to sort through and encouraging them to go after the opportunities that exist

  • MGA is here to help women-owned and minority-owned businesses stand out


We’re on a mission to make manufacturers in Michigan the most competitive and prosperous in the nation. We have the tools, resources, and connections to make that happen and we’re already well on our way. Become a Manufacturing Champion today and help manufacturers build smart, lead strong, and establish a pathway for future growth. Together we will support manufacturers in Michigan through leadership expertise, peer to peer learning, access to capital, technical support, training, talent recruitment, and more.

To explore sponsorship of MGA events, contact Elizabeth Bernhard:

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