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Invest in MGA as a Sponsor or Manufacturing Champion

Become a Sponsor or Manufacturing Champion.

​Small to medium-sized manufacturers are the lifeblood of Michigan’s economy. As the largest sector in Michigan, making up 19% of the overall economic output, manufacturers take risks, create jobs, and make the things that keep Michigan running. 


Over 85% of Michigan manufacturers are considered small to medium sized operations. Without organizations like MGA that are focused on supporting them, we could easily see that number decline as many struggle with second-stage growing pains. Without manufacturers and the next generation of manufacturers, Michigan’s communities would look vastly different. For us to continue to support the growth of these organizations we need Champions like you that believe in a future where Michigan’s manufacturers can grow to become some of the most competitive in the nation. 


If membership or strategic partnership aren’t for you, but you’re interested in being a leader that wants to give back to the industry, become a Manufacturing Champion today and help manufacturers build smart, lead strong, and establish a pathway for future growth. 


To learn more about sponsorship of MGA events, contact Elizabeth Bernhard:

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