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Industry 4.0

Manufacturers are encouraged to participate in the statewide resources available through Automation Alley and the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

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Learn more about Additive Manufacturing.


Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a transformative approach to industrial production that enables the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems. Hear more about the benefits.

Learn more about Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are rapidly gaining traction in the manufacturing industry. Hear how VR and AR can be used to support your manufacturing facility.

Learn more about Big Data.

Big data can include data collected at every stage of production, including data from machines, devices, and operators. Hear more about how data can be used to increase efficiencies, preventative maintenance and so much more. 

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Learn more about Cybersecurity.


Manufacturers have identified operational risks, which include cybersecurity, as the greatest danger to smart factory initiatives. Hear from industry experts on how to mitigate cyber security risks.

Learn more about Cybersecurity for Smart Automated Factories.


 In this webinar, Micro Visions, Inc. will discuss why securing this data and technology is so important and how it can be done.

Learn about Addressing Workforce Challenges.


The virtual knowledge sharing webinar is designed to help small manufacturers become aware of technology solutions to alleviate their workforce challenges.

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Learn more about Artificial Intelligence.


Listen to Jerry Foster from Plex describe how Artificial Intelligence can improve productivity, streamline communications, optimize efficiency and improve quality.

Learn more about Additive Manufacturing.


 In this webinar, learn about using Additive Manufacturing to add value to your customers.

Learn more about Cloud Computing.


 Cloud computing can be complex. Brightline IT simplifies the process of integrating systems into the cloud, so you can run your business more efficiently, effectively, and securely.

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Learn more about Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).


Wondering what the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)  is and how it can help your company become a smart factory?  Check out this 20 min video to learn more.

Learn more about Optimizing Production Schedules in Job Shop Environments.


In this industry 4.0 educational video you will learn how to improve on-time delivery, lead time, customer satisfaction, productivity, inventory and overall resource utilization through the use of powerful and affordable scheduling software.

Learn more about Industry 4.0.


Michigan recently launched a statewide industry 4.0 initiative to support manufacturers.  Join Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA) for an educational webinar
to learn about Industry 4.0 and what resources are available to assist small to medium-sized manufacturers in Northeast Michigan in implementing these technologies.

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Learn more about Robotics.


Learn how automation solutions can help drive productivity. In this webinar, Kawasaki Robotics
discusses who should consider automation, what should be considered prior to and during implementation to ensure success, and answers questions for first-time automation users.

Three ways to Improve Cash Flow in your business


This presentation is perfect for those new to financial statements, or those wishing to get reacquainted with key elements of working capital management. Regardless of experience level, you'll gain a better understanding of how to measure and improve cash flow in your business.

Contact: Elizabeth Bernhard at

This program is funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

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