Workforce Solutions

Small Manufacturer's Support to Attract and Retain Talent

MGA's suite of services for small manufacturers is designed to meet your specific needs. The services include a human resources hotline, leadership development, and insights and trends to help guide manufacturers through the talent challenges that you will continue to encounter in upcoming years.  


Attracting and retaining talent has been a challenge for all businesses in recent years due to low unemployment and a population that is both declining in numbers and the average age of residents is increasing in Michigan. This results in less available talent. With COVID-19, these challenges did not go away; however, they have shifted. 


MGA and our partners are here to support small manufacturers proactively:

  • plan and attract the best talent and retain current talent

  • develop talent development plans

  • help adjust workforce strategies to include work-from-home employees

  • enhance workforce engagement communication channels 

As the economy comes fully back online, small manufacturers will have new challenges with attracting and retaining talent to lead their business in the future. MGA and our partners are positioned to work with manufacturers to support all aspects of their workforce needs.