Strengthening Small Manufacturers

Regional program to support manufacturers in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties

The Manufacturing Growth Alliance (MGA) will help small manufacturers in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties navigate through the pandemic and will support them as they plan for future success. 


The "Strengthening Small Manufacturers" is a year-long program that has a three-pronged approach to provide manufacturers with business support to help manufacturers recover from the pandemic.​

The services that will be provided under the “Strengthening Small Manufacturers” program are as follows:

  • Peer-to-peer virtual roundtables with small manufacturers navigating current challenges.

  • Industry specific services designed to keep small manufacturers in business that encompasses a post-COVID 19 Manufacturers Guide. The guide includes a preparedness and response guide.

  • Workforce management support which will include a series of virtual seminars, strategies to attract and retain talent, and employee communications initiatives for traditional and digital channels.

  • A series of workshops on how to create new or revised business expansion plans and how to prepare for future growth.

Join the Program at No-Cost.

This program is available at no-cost to manufacturers. Manufactures in Opportunity Zones and HUB Zones are especially encouraged to engage with this program. Support for "Strengthening Small Manufacturers" is being provided through the DTE Energy Foundation. Please fill out the form above to join this special initiative.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about the initiative at


The Manufacturing Growth Alliance is a membership based organization who champions, serves, and advocates for Michigan's small manufacturers. MGA drives solutions that make manufacturing in Michigan the most competitive and prosperous in the nation.

MGA is committed to supporting small manufacturers in all of Michigan's 83 counties. There are many communities across that state that have underutilized business zones or lack business growth. The “Strengthening Small Manufacturers” program ensures manufacturers in HUB and Opportunity Zones have access to needed resources.

Michigan has 752 HUB Zones, which are historically underutilized business areas and 288 Opportunity Zones, which are in low income communities and sometimes lack capital and other resources. About 52% of HUB Zones reside in Wayne, Oakland, or Monroe counties, with the three counties representing about 44% of Opportunity Zones.

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