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“Stay Home, Stay Safe” Order Extended Until May 28, 2020

Dear Michigan Manufacturer,

This afternoon, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Executive Order 2020-77 extending the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order until May 28, 2020. The order permits manufacturing employers to immediately perform “restart” activities to ensure workplace safeguards are in place to resume full operations on Monday, May 11, 2020.

The executive order is clear that manufacturing facilities must adopt measures to protect workers from the spread of COVID-19. Facilities who do not have a “preparedness plan” in place are not allowed to re-open.

I am grateful Governor Whitmer made the decision to allow all manufacturing in Michigan to open. Small manufacturers are critically important to opening up the supply chain to support all industries in the near future. There are nearly 12,000 small manufacturers in Michigan, this executive order allows families and communities to start rebounding from this pandemic.

This morning, the Michigan Labor & Economic Opportunity posted Return to work guidelines for manufacturing. The guide covers eight steps for employers to keep their workers safe, within the hierarchy of controls. The guidelines include:

  • Administrative Controls

  • Access Controls

  • Distancing

  • Sanitation

  • Hygiene

  • Personal protection Equipment

  • Positive case protocols

  • Facility closure

As Michigan manufacturers ramp up to restart, MGA developed a “Preparedness and Response Plan” template for manufacturers to use as you create or finalize a plan to restart. Manufacturers can access the Preparedness & Response Plan Template here.

The Manufacturing Growth Alliance (MGA) website has a robust list of relevant and up-to-date resources for your business. MGA routinely updates the COVID-19 landing page with new information relevant to you.

MGA, formally MMTA, is here to help you navigate resources and help you think about resuming your manufacturing after Michigan restarts. Any questions or items that you want immediate support, contact me at

With Gratitude,

Jennifer Deamud

Executive Director

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