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Manufacturing in Michigan

The Manufacturing Growth Alliance is excited about manufacturing in Michigan.

Michigan is the home of makers. If someone can dream it, we make it. From aerospace to appliances, bio pharmaceuticals to defense, mobility to life sciences and food processing to furniture, and everything in between, Michigan makes things.

Manufacturing in Michigan

The manufacturing industry employs 15% of the workforce in Michigan, the second highest industry just below healthcare and social assistance, which employs 16% of the workforce. Small manufacturers employ nearly half of all the manufacturing jobs in Michigan.

Whether you’re a beverage manufacturer, plastics, food, chemical, electronic or automotive manufacturer, MGA is here to support Michigan manufacturers.

Growth Focused Small Manufacturers

Growth focused small manufacturers (second-stage companies) are businesses that have moved beyond the startup phase and possess the capacity and desire for continued growth. In more precise terms, they have 10-99 employees and $1 million to $50 million in annual revenues. Growth focused companies are the powerhouses of job creation.

Michigan has 11,466 manufacturing firms who employ 570,000 individuals. Small manufacturers lead the way to growth representing eighty-eight percent (88%) of the manufacturing firms.

MGA is here to support small manufacturers with the services needed to grow manufacturing and jobs in Michigan!

Alliances with Strategic Partnerships

Small manufacturers need a wide variety of support to accelerate their growth. The evolution of the manufacturing industry is operating at lightning speed. Manufacturers need trusted partners that have relevant services and tools to lead them into the next industry shift.

MGA forms alliances with private sector firms and non-profits who are experts in their field and who align with MGA’s values and commitment to enhance the growth of manufacturers in Michigan. MGA works with these firms to share the expertise they offer to small manufacturers across the state.

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