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COVID Recovery | Small Manufacturer’s Planning Guide

Dear Michigan Manufacturer,

The Manufacturing Growth Alliance (MGA) is here to Champion, Serve and Advocate for you. We hope you have found our communications over the past few months helpful and insightful.

The restarting of Michigan means that small manufacturers will also be ramping up their business to some level of pre-COVID-19. There are many uncertainties at this time for business owners, employees, suppliers and customers. What we do know, is that the pandemic has impacted all of us in ways that will be forever changed.

MGA has thought through key elements of a small manufacturer’s journey to resume full operations. While all manufacturers are unique, there are similarities on what each of you can consider to ensure short and long-term success. 

MGA compiled information from multiple sources around the globe to provide you with a “COVID Recovery | Small Manufacturer’s Planning Guide.” The guide will help small manufacturers think through short and long-term aspects of resuming full operations again.

The sections in this guide include:

  • Communication Strategies

  • Workforce Management

  • Site Prep Management

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Operation Management

  • IT & Cyber Security Management

We are here to support your needs to restart your business, maintain positive momentum post pandemic, and focus on future growth strategies. Please contact us at MGA if you have questions.

With Gratitude, Jennifer Deamud Executive Director Manufacturing Growth Alliance

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