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Helping you build smart and lead strong

The Manufacturing Growth Alliance (MGA) champions, serves and advocates for Michigan's small manufacturers, with the goal of making manufacturing the most competitive and prosperous in the nation.


As a member, you belong to an organization who serves all sectors of manufacturing through:

  • focusing solely on the growth of small manufacturers.

  • listening to the needs of small manufacturers.

  • establishing services help with internal operations.

  • accelerating the growth of small manufacturers.

  • giving a voice to small businesses in Lansing.

MGA serves small manufacturers, let us serve you!

Manufacturer Membership

As a Manufacturer Member, you will have access to relevant benefits to help you strategically accelerate your growth. 


  • Access to second-stage service through the Edward Lowe Foundation;

  • Receive industry insights on trends impacting manufacturers;

  • Routine peep-to-peer roundtable discussions with other small manufacturers;

  • Access to human resource and legal hotline;

  • Receive a complimentary membership to Automation Alley to access Industry 4.0 knowledge hub and resources;

  • On-site operation assessment and diagnostics;

  • Have a voice in Lansing to share your concerns and needs;

  • Register for industry-specific training at member pricing;

  • Dedicated MGA account executive; and

  • Receive bi-weekly industry e-newsletter.​

Manufacturer Members have annual dues of $550.

Network Member

Network Members receive information related to industry insights and resources to help small manufacturers in Michigan. It’s the best way to keep your company in-the-know on what’s happening for small manufacturers. 


  • Receive bi-weekly "Build Smart, Lead Strong" eNewsletter

  • Be informed on relevant training for manufacturers

  • Receive communication briefings for awareness and education

  • Have a voice in Lansing (share your insights with MGA)

Network Members have no annual dues.


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MGA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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