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Alliance Partner Spotlight

MGA works with a wide array of partners who have resources and tools geared toward supporting your company’s growth and success. We work with the best to bring you the best. Here is a little information on the Edward Lowe Foundation.

The Edward Lowe Foundation is an operating foundation, which uses its endowment to run its own programs, as opposed to giving grants. During its early years, the foundation experimented with a variety of entrepreneurship initiatives — from mentoring programs for college students to policy conferences and publishing venues. By the late 1990s, it began to focus on second-stage growth companies — entrepreneurs who have made it beyond startup and have the capacity and desire for sustainable growth. This is where the focus has stayed … supporting second stage companies.


Key programs within our entrepreneurship division include: 

Leader retreats — Held at the foundation’s headquarters in southwest Michigan, these retreats help both secondstage leaders and their employees with strategic direction and leadership development.

  • The System for Integrated Growth® — A virtual program, SIG gives second-stage CEOs access to a SWAT team of business experts to help address issues impacting growth. Vetted by the foundation, SIG specialists provide information and best practices to help CEOs strengthen company infrastructure, enter new markets and find new customers

  • PeerSpectives® — A unique CEO roundtable methodology (available in both virtual and in-person formats), PeerSpectives enhances participants’ leadership abilities and improves decision-making. The program stresses sharing experiences rather than giving advice.

  • Companies to Watch® — An awards program that recognizes high performing second-stagers. The program is currently conducted in Colorado, Florida and Michigan. 


Access more information on the Edward Lowe Foundation | Link


To learn more about the Edward Lowe Foundation's services that are connected to an MGA membership, please contact Jenn Deamud at or 616.617.7467.

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