Advocacy in Lansing

Small Manufacturer's Voice in Lansing

We strive to make Michigan a great place to be a manufacturer and we know that one way to do that is to work with our local legislators to influence policies that affect you. Let us be your voice in Lansing so that you can focus on one thing, your company. 

MGA members have access to the most up-to-date advocacy related information. 

  • Political and Regulatory Issue Briefings

Be the first to know about regulatory issues, workforce challenges, tax policy changes and developments that could help or threaten your business.


  • Legislation Education and Advocacy

Put your ideas to work on creating legislation, rule making, and opportunities for initiatives in your industry.


  • Legislative Scorecard

Giving you the inside information on how legislators measure up.

  • Media Engagement for Industry and Individual Organization

Educating the public about the power of manufacturing.

  • Annual Legislative Day

Get face to face with lawmakers and news makers.


January of 2021 will bring in a new crop of lawmakers to the Michigan State House. MGA will be meeting with the newly elected lawmakers and chairs of the relevant committees as soon as possible as we begin to push forward more legislation that will make a positive impact for manufacturers across the state.


We’ve heard from you about the challenges your businesses face when it comes to building and hiring a talented workforce, finding access to affordable high speed internet, and protecting and growing your businesses in the midst of a global pandemic.


If you have specific business needs or would like to inform the MGA of a problem facing the industry and/or your business please contact Elizabeth Bernhard at