Acceleration Services

Supporting through pivots and opportunities

MGA is the nucleus of support for second stage manufacturers in Michigan. Most manufacturers will not access resources available to them. They are too engaged with running their business to spend time searching for business assistance.

The Manufacturing Growth Alliance (MGA) supports second stage manufacturers with a customized "white glove" approach to accessing acceleration services.  


Through MGA and our partners, we help small manufacturers shore up the company’s infrastructure, such as building a strong balance sheet, developing a great team, and putting processes in place around critical areas like sales and finance. The goal is to strengthen the company’s foundation. Internal stabilization services include, but not limited to:

  • Continuity planning

  • Human resources and legal hotline

  • Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

  • Attract and retain key staff members



MGA then builds upon the newly strengthened infrastructure and focuses on issues outside of the company’s walls, such as competitors, customers and markets they operate in. This phase helps companies develop a long-term strategy and builds an enduring business.

  • System for Integrated Growth® (strategic issues/growth)

  • Leadership development



Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is a confusing one to navigate. With MGA supporting members, the road to assistance is far easier for second-stage manufacturers.

  • Operational audits and assessments

  • Building a great management team

  • Peer-to-peer connections

  • System for Integrated Growth® (internal marketing)

  • Peer-to-peer connection

  • ​Legislative advocacy